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Here we have listed down 10 best Business Management Master’s Thesis Topics for you:

  1. Human Resources and its impact on the manager’s efficiency in national and international organizations
  2. How human resources are imbuing cross cultural differences and the practices that can be followed to eliminate cultural disputes
  3. Research on successful companies like MasterCard and Nike on implying out of the box Human resource ideas
  4. How social media has impacted the domain of Human Resource Development. You can take the case study of Apple Inc. for this topic
  5. How Human Resources are now moving beyond borders and spreading their wings across nations
  6. A case study on international companies like Samsung – how they are modifying their Human resource policies for other nations
  7. The effect of state and national policies on Human Resources
  8. Collaboration of Human Resources with the environment to develop a sustainable environment to live and work
  9. Six Sigma and Human Resources – how they have evolved together, keeping the bases strong
  10. The effect of social media and psychology of Gen Y on Human Resources

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