Time is precious like money. It is believed that once time passed it never returns. So, make the best use of it. Every person has 24 hours a day. Nobody has more minutes or hours and all the tasks need to be completed in that duration.

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Tips to Manage the Time Effectively

  1. Create a to-do list: Write down everything important in a list to remain well-organized and complete assignments on time. It helps in remembering all the essential work and avoiding the delay.
  2. Set a time budget: Find out the amount of time you spend on every activity. This helps in completing the task in the allocated schedule and using the remaining time for additional commitments.
  3. Create a routine and remain stick to it: Set a timetable in the starting of the session and get into it to better utilize the time and keeping up with the homework.
  4. Execute important job first: While following the routine, ensure you complete the tasks according to their priority. First, finish the work with close deadlines and saves more time for the job that demands a good amount of time
  5. Make the best use of mobile phones: Use Smartphone as time manager, not the waster. It can better act as a scheduler to keep in the mind all the important commitments and due date.
  6. Avoid distractions: Television, mobile-phone, video-games, internet, radio, and etc create the biggest distraction in the study time and divert the mind from work to be completed.
  7. Develop good study habits: Studying anytime without any planning does not result in effective learning. Set a proper routine such as studying at the same time every day and review it at the weekend. Make notes in every class highlighting the important ones.
  8. Study during free time: The best way to utilize the spare time is to go through the notes. Always carry the notes with you to study whenever gets the time. It is a smarter way than engaging in any unfruitful activity.
  9. Look in the past from the future’s perspective: It might possible that what seems important today would appear unimportant from the viewpoint of coming days and vice versa. Thus, consider the significance as per the situation.
  10. Take the complete care of yourself : A healthy mind and the body always remain less-tolerant of time-wasting tasks and activities. So, make sure you get a good sleep, drink plenty of water, remain stress-free, and consume nutrient-rich food.

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