Hardly any student could be found who has no complaints about homework. This single task keeps the students, irrespective of their subject, annoyed, stressed, and tensed. Lots of students show their apathy to complete their homework, and many others use “tricks” or unethical practices to complete the homework. Though the students know, it’s not possible to escape any homework, and they also know that skipping or avoiding homework will lead to some unwanted academic results in future, still some practices from their part make the matter more difficult, or complicated.

Here are some reasons, why finishing homework sometimes seems too painful to the students:

  1. Lack of attention in the classes: Students, who are not attentive in their classes, are found to be droopy when they are given homework. They couldn’t find the clues as they have not followed the lecturers, and have not noted the important points in the lecture.
  2. Mismanagement of time: Students lose interest because they can’t manage time well. A student life is full of engagements. Such engagements increase manifold during undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Again, many students spoil hours just not doing any constructive work. At the end, they could avail very limited time at evening or night to do their homework; naturally, they don’t get any interest in it.
  3. Lack of interest in homework: Homework becomes painful, when a student puts in mind that it is not an important task. He goes on saying, “It is easy, I will do it later“, or “Let’s watch TV now, will sit to complete homework at night“. These types of thoughts and decisions are self-damaging in nature.
  4. Not understanding the guideline properly: This is another reason when a student finds it hard to accomplish homework accurately, and well in time. Sometimes, he ignores the instructions when those are narrated, and sometimes, the professor or lecturer doesn’t make it clear to the students.
  5. Mental barrier: “This is too hard”, “How can I do that?“, “Time is too short“, etc. and many other mental barriers often make a homework rather tough and complex. In fact, most of these mental barriers are self-created, which are non-existing in reality.
  6. Dislike for the subject: It is one of the main reasons behind unfinished or ignored homework. Every student has weaker areas, like “I don’t like history, it is so boring“, “Mathematics is not my subject, I don’t understand it“, etc. shows utter dislike for the subjects. Naturally, homework related to these subjects has been always painful for the respective students.
  7. Disinterest of the professor: Sometimes students complain that the professors are not showing any interest in homework, and just making it a routine job. When the students don’t get any feedback, they assume that it is not so important, and it can be finished anytime.
  8. Some other schedules: Other important schedules may come up, making this job harder to complete in time. Students often get engaged in assignment writing, sports, lab works, or in any other personal matters, thus, they get less or no time for homework.

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