In the last few months, the worldwide epidemic has affected almost all facets of the world economy. One industry that has been chiefly obvious changes over the past few months is e-commerce. As self-isolated customers turned to online shopping, it has shaped immense pressure on the supply chain logistics industry to keep up with the growing demand. Get a profound familiarity with logistics and supply chain management with our Logistics and Supply Chain Management Assignment Help.

Latest Trends of Logistics And Supply Chain Along With Its Benefits

E-commerce Logistics: The e-commerce boom that has been determining the logistics industry in 2021 was emerging for numerous years before the COVID-19 situation skyrocketed online purchasing. E-commerce logistics are anticipated to be worth US$ 524.1 billion by 2025. According to fresh polling directed by peerless research groups, 10% of respondents saw their business’s e-commerce channel grow by 60% or more since the epidemic began.

Reverse Logistics: Connected to the rise in e-commerce is the requirement for a good reverse logistics organization in 2021. Reverse logistics comprises all the value-added services that corporations provide after the point of sale. This comprises post-sale services such as returns, restoration, repairs, reselling, and recycling amenities.

Digital Training Solutions: Though the commencement of the novel coronavirus pandemic concerns about the disturbance in the supply chain, connected e-commerce created unprecedented new burdens. For instance, Amazon employed 175,000 temporary employees at the beginning of the pandemic has hired 2,800 new employees every day since July 2020. We ensure top-notch quality of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Assignment Help through multiple times of revisions.

Gamification: In 2021, engaging your staff through communicating and encouraging productivity boosters like gamification is a great method to enhance granary worker training and boost efficiency. Gamification offers employees inspiring skills to practice with real-time feedback that inspires and guides them towards better performance.

Elastic Logistics: In the industry 4.0 era, receptiveness to unanticipated consumer demands can make or break a supply chain plan. As a result, 2021 supply chains need to be ready to enlarge or shrink capacity depending on en ever-changing demand of the industry. This practice is named “elastic logistics”, and it is one of the most vital logistics and supply chain organization trends in 2021.

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