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So, There Are Five Stages of Project Management, And They Are:






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In project management, project managers are responsible for the entire project scope, the project team and resources, the project budget, and the success or failure of the project. So, every time a manager has to set up the strategies for the project to work.

There are three pillars for project management – scope, time, and cost. And according to types, there are four types of project management on which the whole project work is categorized.

These Four Types for Project Management Are Said As –

Technical Project Manager.

Adventurous Project Manager.

Expert Project Manager.

Supportive Project Manager.

Based on the five dimensions of project management, the basis for creating various metrics, to measure project manager is formed by business measures, customer measures, and process measures.

All the measures mentioned above are again formed with the five major dimensions of project management which are – efficiency, customer, business-now, business-future, and team success.

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