Tesla Motors is one unique company that is famous for the manufacturing of electric cars. The major goal of Tesla Motors is to offer evidence to the world that electric cars can be more effective than conventional gasoline vehicles. An intriguing fact about this company is that it is named after a brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla. Being one of the greatest companies in the world, Tesla has gained immense traction in the past few years and to some extent, the strategic management of the company has played an essential role in it. The students who want to gain more information about the entire process of Tesla Motors’ can consider taking the Strategic Management Assignment Help from the expert writers of BookMyEssay.

Here in this blog, we are going to brief you about this. Let’s get started by learning about the strategic management and SWOT Analysis of Tesla Motors. Let’s get into this.

Nikola Tesla was a well-recognized scientist and he was known as the father of the “electrical age.” He is not only popular for his contribution to the applied sciences but also for his charismatic personality and ‘magical abilities.’ This person is absolutely exhilarating, and it is not shocking that a company has taken his name to describe an electric company.

Understanding the SWOT Analysis of the Tesla Motors

To determine the position and the competitiveness of the company in the market, a SWOT analysis can be used. This analyzing tool can be considered simple. However, it enables the company to witness the product from various aspects and assessing potential future actions.


Both internal and external circumstances are identified with the help of a SWOT analysis. The strengths and weaknesses offer the internal examination of the assets and features of the company that differentiates the business from its opponents. In turn, the opportunities and threats are the ones that focus on the external examination. It could be assumed that a SWOT analysis is the most suitable tool to determine the future steps of Tesla Motors. It assesses important perspectives of the internal and external conditions.


Tesla Motors was established in 2003. Consequently, it was present in the car industry, not for a long time. It can be expected that it might require proficiency and expertise in this sphere. This vulnerability can be acknowledged as a profit for the competitors.

One of the strongest weaknesses of the car is the fact that it might surprisingly run out of charge. This condition happens due to the potential infrastructure of the charging locations.

Another limitation of Tesla Motor is that the car can be hacked. Two researchers have experimented and the results showed that it was reasonable to begin the car and even affect the practice with a virus. This fact might also lead to events because there is a lack of control. The students can take SWOT Analysis Assignment Help from the experts of BookMyEssay to know more about this.


People are more concerned with the situation than they were before. Tesla’s cars are considered perfect vehicles for conservationists, as these are the cars that do not contaminate the surroundings. Furthermore, Tesla Motors promotes green policies and helps people to be environmentally beneficial. This fact can be acknowledged as a possibility for the company, as the trend might become publicly acknowledged in the future. This inclination will support the company to get a bigger portion of the market and become more prevalent among people across the world. Tesla Motors will get the opportunity for better growth and development.


Technology is continuously growing. This could be considered that the competition in the electric car industry also becomes more intense. Renault, Nissan, and Carlos Ghosn began new manufacturing lines for the production of hybrids and electric cars. It can be interpreted that the majority of companies consider electrical cars will be the future of the industry.

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