Front Office Department plays an essential role in hospitality management. It is the front of a hospitality establishment. This is the last and the first department where guest communicates. The Front Office Department is accountable for formulating first-hand impressions concerning the level of assistance and amenities offered. The students pursuing this course can take Hospitability Management Assignment Help from the experts of BookMyEssay.

This blog addresses the important operations managed by the front office department in hospitality management. Want to learn more about this? Let’s get started by learning the different divisions of the front office:


Important Divisions of The Front Office

The front office is divided into many different parts and all of these departments should ethically perform their tasks and responsibilities to manage things efficiently:

  • Front Office Manager
  • Assistance Front Office Manager
  • Front Desk Representative
  • Night Auditor
  • Cashier
  • Reservationist
  • Telephone Operator

What Are The Operations of Front Office Department In Hospitality Management?

  1. The Front desk is accountable for solving inquiries, managing queries to improve employees/department. Communication skills and personal expression are very significant and determining factors. An individual should be positive, friendly, cultured, patient, and sincere to manage the queries of guests who are coming to the Front Office.
  2. The Front Office Department is a significant part of hospitality management and it is controlled by Front Office Manager. The Front Office Manager is accountable for organizing activities, managing the assistants, hiring and teaching, creating the budget for the front office department, and employee performance evaluation.
  3. These managers are also responsible for ensuring that all the complaints are addressed properly. The Assistant Front Office Manager is accountable for listing the employees’ shifts, payroll, room deposits, refunds, monitor salaries, etc.
  4. It is also important for the Front Desk representatives to be aware of the prices with tariffs and policies of the services rendered and must be ready to solve queries. The Online Assignment Writing Help can provide you more extensive details about this.
  5. They are also responsible for maintaining the guest records, bookings, assignment of rooms, etc. The night audience is liable for bookkeeping, day-to-day management of accounts, and updating the data entry. The cashier is liable for accumulating payments, generating bills, and managing balances.
  6. The common goal of the Front Office and other departments is to work towards customer service and delight. Managing guest relationships is an essential aspect. The segments are attached and all administrators should work together to ensure the stable functioning of the department. The goals and objectives of the departments should be aligned together and it must be about delighting the guests.
  7. The industry is seeking professionals with excellent interpersonal and communication skills who can develop compatibility with the guests. The professions with functional knowledge, experience, and a Certification in Front Office Operations can manage this job well.

Concluding Thought

Every department plays a critical role in hospitality management. The major goal is the satisfaction of the customer. Sequentially to work on the mission, global and departmental objectives, and goals each company must create a formal structure representing the different hierarchies of supervision, management, and employee or staff levels.

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