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If you wanna cite a website or webpage in the citation style of AMA format, you just need to include the name of the author, title of the page (in sentence case), Name of the website (heading case), URL, date of publication, and access date. 

An AMA in-text citation for a website consists of the number of the accurate and reference written in superscript.  You should always be sure to pay attention to punctuation like commas, Fullscope, so on. 

Overview of AMA Format

The citation of AMA style is basically an American Medical Association.  This style of writing is written by the  American Medical Association and published by Oxford University Press Journal. AMA formatting is a commonly used citation style for the published journal and continuing in the American Journal of the Medical Association.  There are different types of other citation styles which are used according to different streams of study. 

AMA citation style is different from APA and MLA because it follows the reference in the format of numerical and citation style.  In this the number is superscript and the number is followed by the list of references.  The AMA style system is not as specific as some other citation styles, that’s why lots of medical journals and publications follow the format of AMA citation.

As we all know that there are many citation styles, especially those relating to medical and technical subjects, it becomes difficult to distinguish between those that follow the numerical reference style.  This guide will help you identify the main differences between the AMA citation styles.

Let’s find out how you can cite in AMA format

There are many students who want to know how to cite anything in AMA style. So that’s why we are here to guide you how you can cite things in just simple AMA style have a look there:

  • Just like PA, MLA, and Chicago formatting styles, AMA-style citations used a system of numerical in citations.  When citing and formatting your academic paper in the style of AMA, make sure you have to remember the following AMA style paper structure:
  • Always leave a gap of one-inch in your document page.  Except, keep the right margin unjustified
  • While writing your important content of the paper should be double spaced, while the topic, title of the paper, abstract, list of references, quotes and figures, and tables that are added in your writing. 
  • Always use the style of font is Times New Romans with 12 font size 
  • You can add the indentation of Half inch indentation in each new paragraph of your writing. 
  • In AMA format you should write the topic of your paper at the top left of your document page .
  • In this style citations are identified through the superscript number that expands to a complete reference.
  • In this type of citation referencing style you have to write a Reference list in the form of numbers and added at the end of your piece of writing. 
  • In AMA style you can write your paper with or without title page both are suitable.