What is Referencing?

Referencing is the mentioning of the source of information which you have included in your papers. It is an attempt to acknowledge the work of the other authors in your own paper. It is done for accepting the intellectual honesty or to avoid plagiarism. It also serves another purpose i.e. to bring out the relevance of your work and the citation mentioned in the paper.

What is Manual Referencing?

Manual referencing is the inclusion of the references in your own hand. You have to enter the citations one by one by typing manually. Here you know each and every source of information you mentioned in your paper. You have complete control on the references. But there is a chance of missing some important citation by human error. The process is tedious as first you have to have a clarification of the style and format of the citation prescribed by the authors. Everything ranging from the footnotes, in-text citations up to bibliographies has to be typed by you.

What are Referencing Tools?

Using reference tools means that the citations are to be entered in the paper through software automatically and not manually. There are many online citation generator software available. You just have to subject your paper to these software and they will care of the rest. You don’t have to type anything and the job is done by the software.

Comparison between The Two:

  • Benefits of manual referencing:
    1. There is a lesser chance of mistake as every source you enter is by your own hand. So better accuracy is maintained.
    2. Manual referencing lets you to be familiar with different referencing styles. This helps you to decide your career in academics.
    3. It also projects you as an honest and hard-working student who has sincerity to take pain while completing his work. It also shows that you have followed all the instructions clearly and carefully.
  • Benefits of using referencing tools:
    1. The referencing tools are very easy to use and require lesser efforts as compared to manual referencing.
    2. They save a lot of time and prepare your paper quickly and within deadlines.
    3. Managing of citations become easier as you organize them in folders and can edit them whenever you want.
    4. There is lot of flexibility of sharing and editing citations. Using referencing tools also help you to import citations from one tool to another within no time.

As the comparison has been done, it is up to you to choose which process is suitable for your paper. Each process has its own strengths and weaknesses. The conditions of suitability are different with each process. Moreover, the type of paper also decides what to choose and what to not. For example in a paper with lot of citations, using tools will be better and time-saving. So, ultimately the choice is yours.

How to Get Referencing Assignment Help from Professionals?

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