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14November 2017

Change Management Assignment Help to Explore Rules To Be Followed

Change is the rule of nature. When it comes to an organization changes are mandatory for its growth and development. The management of changes is called Change Management. Change management assignments reflect rules to be followed by the change manager. Organizational changes means changes in individuals, teams and the organization itself. Help in change management assignment can be found from BookMyEssay at appropriate rates. These changes reflect the best use of resources, manpower handling, business procedures and other modes of operations. Following are few rules which are to be followed while managing changes in an organization:

  • Acknowledge the need for change: First of all, you have to assess and know everything regarding the need for change in the organization. You have to acknowledge the who, what, where, when, why and how of every change. You should use this information to set the strategies for the changes to be implemented.
  • Make a clear vision: You have to use the needs for change for creating a clear vision and the environment to visualize the change. You should connect this vision to your would be the strategy. You should engage the stakeholders and assign their roles in the change. They should also be clear about their contributions to the change.
  • Develop a plan: You should develop a robust plan supported by a strong project management. You should include objectives to be achieved, outcomes to be measured, the exact change to be implemented etc.
  • Understand the importance of people: The organizations do not change. It is the people who change or not. You should understand the importance of people involved in the change.
  • Communicate the need: You should effectively communicate the need and vision of change to the people concerned. Outlining the benefits of change is very essential. The aim and the steps should be very clear to everyone engaged to acclaim the change from idea to action.
  • Prepared for resistance: Everyone does not welcome changes. It is very likely that most of the people will resist changes in their environment. Be prepared for the resistance you face and actively manage it.
  • Understand the objections: Try to understand the point of view of employees who resist.
  • Appreciate the reactions: You should appreciate the people who adapt themselves to the change. There will be mixed reactions. Some will change as it slowly. Accept it patiently.
  • Communicate continuously: Engage the people affected by the change in continuous communications, justifying your action with the truth. Do not sugarcoat anything.
  • Engage in ‘two-way’ dialogues: Two-way communication is the best way to have feedback and derive solutions to the problems which arise due to the changes.
  • Governance: Try to create a change management team and assign them their roles and responsibilities needed for the implementation of change.
  • Power of inclusion: Always make efforts to include the stakeholders in the drive for the change. It has immense power to bring in the desired change.
  • Empower actions: You should distribute power to the team to make them feel responsible.
  • Reward achievements: The short-term achievements should be highlighted and rewarding.
  • Accept transformation: Transformation or change should be accepted as a slowly evolving process.
  • Sustain changes: Once the change is implemented, try to ensure its sustenance.
  • Reinforce changes: Continue to reinforce change and implement corrective actions to the negative effects of the changes.
  • Measure changes: Measure the effect of changes and learn from it.
  • Standardize change: Once the change happens efficiently and successfully, try to make it a standard to be followed.

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