Are you gearing up to bag an internship with your dream company but don’t know how to secure a seat? Well, the task isn’t as daunting as it seems, since here we have collated some useful tips that will help you sail through the tough time of cracking an internship interview. The article will talk about the dos’ and don’ts. Following these tips can help any student to secure internships offers from renowned companies namely Apple, McKinsey, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and so on.

These interview skills have worked in favor of many students and have helped them do well in their career. Combining good presentation, advance preparation about the company details and targeted role with these skills can help anyone crack seat in top-shot companies that are still a dream for many.

Let’s take a look at these tips:

  • Spend time preparing for the actual take: Take out time to practice and read about the company. Also, one must refrain from applying to multiple random companies and different roles. Targeting a sector or role after detailed assessment can help anyone to deliver breakthrough performance in such interview.
  • Keep homework as priority: Here homework means preparing for interview in advance by predicting each and every level of interview. This includes remaining hands-on with industry-based research, questions that are based on the job role and some case studies.
  • Problems and analyzing the structure for resolving the same: It is a common instance when one forgets the information due to stress. In order to combat the scene of appearing like a candidate who has come unprepared it is wise to adopt a problem-solving attitude. The stress can be reduced by repeating the question asked, analyzing the assumptions, showcasing an optimistic approach to solve a problem, explaining the concept well, etc.
  • Practice the scene: Nothing can beat a thorough practice done before appearing on the scene. Appearing in mock interviews that are company specific can help a candidate to prepare well for the big day. This spike up the confidence level and clear expectations that the company might have from a potential candidate.
  • Be ready to get exposed to your strengths and weaknesses:It is crucial to prepare in advance by jotting down the questions that one know and the ones that can put off a balance a bit. One must work on improving knowledge on aspects that are still untouched.
  • Prepare to answer behavioral questions: These can be put across from varied categories, such as challenges, leadership, teamwork, failures and successes. Attaching all these behaviors with some instances can leave a good impression on the interviewer.
  • Set a backup plan – Having an alternate plan in case the interview does not go well is always a confidence booster and helps the candidate to stay calmer.

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