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  • Directive Management Style: This is the main objective of instant obedience from the business worker. This is essentially counting the top down decision-making procedure. All the decisions are taken by the upper management and executed by the lower management. Lower management complete the task and deliver the output to the upper management.
  • Authoritative management Style: This type of management definesthe method as Visionary style of management. It is regularly used as the most operative out of all the six management styles. In this style management has solitarygoalmouth. The management deliver a lasting vision and way to all the staffs of the organization.
  • Affiliative Management Style: In type of management wants the occurrence of the employee on their work place. The chiefpurpose to create a melodiousconnection in the workplace between the employee and supervisors.
  • Participative Management style: You can also describe this style as self-governing style of management. In this style management individual is motivated to have a willingness to listen to everyone and get the opinions and thoughts of everybody.
  • Pacesetting Marketing Style:Eachgroup has its predefined goal and purposes. With this style the directorpurposes to ample the tasks to high standard of excellence.
  • Coaching Management: This type of management delivers the extended term expertgrowth of employees of the business.

Importance of management: As we know that management is not easy to understand for the students. To get the complete information students need to do the more investigation. Due to regular college schedule they don’t have too much time. Here we are defining the importance of the management:

  • Project Achievements
  • Client gratification
  • Price Supervision
  • Upsurge the market share
  • Upsurge Monitory Performance

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