Hotel management and hospitality management both are concerned with hospitality industry but there is a slight difference between both of these courses. Both of these terms convey different meanings. Hospitality management is a wider field which encompasses hospitality for numerous industries like business events, conference management etc. On the other hand, the Hotel management course is limited to manage various operations of a hotel or lodging-related establishments. Hotel management and hospitality management are major sectors of travel and tourism domain. Both of these industries are the fastest growing industries and have huge scope.

 It is the most difficult task for students to choose the right career option between these two industries. The students do not have relevant information about these courses and what is the difference between them. It is also true that no matter what course you are choosing, it comes with a lot of hard studies and assignment task. If you ever get stuck with the assignments then, you can hire hospitality management dissertation writing service from BookMyEssay.

Let’s Discuss the Difference Between Hotel Management and Hospitality Management

Hotel management: The term hotel management itself suggest the meaning that it is this course is concerned with managing all the aspects related to the functioning of the hotel. The hotel management is consist of so many activities. These activities include:

1)    Managing front desk reception.

2)    Concierge

3)    Housekeeping

4)    Room Service

5)    Guest Hosting services

6)    Maintaining and managing salon, spa and gym department.

7)    Checking food and beverage counters.

8)    Travel Desk

The hotel management course teaches how to manage all the activities beginning from the arrival of the guest in the hotel to his departure. The hotel manager is responsible for managing all these activities. The manager has to make sure that the guest doesn’t face any problems during his stay at the hotel.

This time period of this course is a 3-4 year long. The students are given proper training in this course. It also requires hard studies. Even students are given numerous assignment tasks which carry important grades. If you need help with the assignment writing on management, you can hire help from BookMyEssay.

Hospitality Management: The word “hospitality” refers to taking care of the guest or a visitor. Hospitality management is not only limited to the hotel. It is a wider branch that has huge scope. The trained professional of hospitality management industry works in every field. Hospitality management opens up so many career opportunities for you. These are some of the career options if you want to pursue your studies in this field:

1)    Accommodation manager

2)    Event manager

3)    Business events organizer

4)    Executive chef

5)    Catering manager

6)    Conference manager

So many other options are also available for the students who want to acquire a degree in the hospitality management course.

It depends upon your interest whether you want to make your career in Hotel management course or hospitality management course. But it is a noted fact that both of these courses are beneficial and have a wide scope for students.

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