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The meaning of Reliability and validity is used to examine the quality of your dissertation paper.  These both will indicate how well your research method, technique, or test measures.  The process of Reliability is about the consistency of a measure in your research and also the validity of the measurements.

When you are designing your Dissemination, planning your methods, and writing up your results, it is very crucial to consider reliability and validity, especially in quantitative Methods of research. So if you want to know more about reliability and validity in detail read this blog till the end stay connected with us.

Meaning of Reliability

The meaning Reliability is how you measure the method of your research. The measurement of reliability is considered reliable if the same result can be obtained successfully with the help of the same methods under the same conditions in your research.

If you take the measurement of the temperature of any liquid thing so for that you have to check the identical properties of the substance many times. The thermometer displays the same temperature every time, which shows whether the outcome is reliable or not.

Suppose your doctor uses a symptom questionnaire to diagnose you with a long-term medical condition.  On the other hand, other doctors use the same questionnaire as you but they give different diagnoses. That’s why the process reliability of the questionnaire as a measure of the situation is low.

Meaning of validity

On the other hand, validity indicates how relevantly or accurately the method of your research measures.  If your dissertation paper has high in validity, it means that it produces outcomes that will sometimes be different from the real properties of the research it depends on the characteristics, and variations difference in the social world or physical environment. High reliability is an important element that your research measurement is valid.  If a method isn’t reliable, it is probably not valid.

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