Flipped classroom has managed to be as the latest trend in the Education Sector. It is a popular avenue which helps in restructuring what gets as a learning in the class. This is defined as a popular approach which helps in improving and enhancing students’ knowledge that spans outside books and classroom. In such a set-up, students have acquainted and familiarised to assess the given assignments and content that can be studies at home and taking it forward at school.

It is followed as a comprehensive learning that is backed by direct interaction. It is further amalgamated with liberated study that is backed by technology in which students gain access to prior downloaded videos even with the comfort of home and solve questions. This method thereby helps in gaining backdrop information and knowledge focussed on a given topic. The concept is focussed on a fresh approach along with circulation of information. This is a popular concept which is initiated to gain progressive outcomes by offering significant study material that must be referred before the lecture.

Within simpler terms, the concept can be apprehended which is done as a process that aims at providing effective study material via online resources through different mediums like notes video lectures, etc. This hands over the students with the facility to skim the topic. Such classroom set-up carries out discussions in the topics to resolve queries and doubts with the virtual teacher. Such classroom settings include projects, group assignments, debates etc.

Traditional Classroom V/s Flipped Classroom

Flipped classroom model helps the students in accessing the knowledge and enables the information first hand without requiring a link in between. On the other hand, students have no access to immediate or direct learning way wherein teacher have to act as a mediator between students and correct source of knowledge. As a matter of fact, students’ involvement is much better and in-depth in flipped classrooms which is missing in traditional classroom approach.

Some of the benefits that a Flipped Classroom setting offers to the students include:

  • This classroom aims at improving participation from students and have better engagement in assessing the topics by way of online lectures and videos. This helps them gain access to information on a repeat mode.
  • Flipped approach also facilitates students to enable exercise group studies and discussions. It further initiates soft skills among students.
  • The recorded lectures enable students to rewind and revisit the topics which is not possible in the trend of traditional classroom thus enables the flexibility in learning.
  • Flipped classroom enables learning 24 by 7 by offering access to immense sources of knowledge by referring to e-learning resources.

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