Business environment is changing at a rapid pace and it affects the business and the success in their project by many external forces be it social political economic or the technological factors hence we consider that business should consider these ten Power Pack tools on the tips for the project management success. The writers of BookMyEssay provide unique contents in the Project Management assignment help.

1. Planning and forecasting

A more practical approach for a manager to achieve success in its project is planning be it a long term plan say about capital expenditure or a short term about a budget other than that forecasting what may happen is in the future is absolutely imperative as studying about uncertainty in the future helps to make an alternate plan of action

2. Coordination

 manager can make its project a success by the proper coordination among its team mates and the people who are employed for the success of the project because it is in a sense of the management without which a form cannot survive. To buy assignment help the students can contact the writers of BookMyEssay.

3. Human resource management

Human resource management for project management success it is absolutely essential to provide and to place the right person at the right job at the right time with the right qualification to achieve the maximum productivity as the right people can make your project a success and the wrong one can break your business because employees are the most important financial asset of a business and a most important economic driver for its performance

4. Maslow’s needs hierarchy

According to Abraham Maslow a manager should understand the need of people involved in the project in order to provide them the required motivation because a motivation arrived out due to the unsatisfied need of the people it includes five basic needs

  • physiological need
  • safety and security need
  • affiliation needs
  • esteem needs
  • self actualization need

These five basic needs are very important aspect for a project management success because motivation can help the people to improve their performance and so the chances of the project success and since the employees are the greatest asset of the organisations so there needs an wants must be fulfilled for the greater performances.

5. Incentives

Every employer work what a for a basic incentives that is a salary and wages however some extra financial or non financial incentives almost to accelerate their performance in the project aside to them it can be in the form of the financial incentives like a co partnership stock profit sharing or a non financial incentives like employment recognition programme , job security , career advancement opportunities etc

6. Employee empowerment and participation

Empowerment means giving more autonomy and the power to the employees so that they considered their jobs to be more prestigious and important and they work for the project succession whereas the participation means involving the employees in their decision making process related to the issues involving their own area in which they are operating it can be done by forming the various committees and involving them as well like the joint management working committee canteen committee etc

7. Communication

Communication has been derived from a Latin word communist which means common understanding and it is a very important aspect for a management because to create a common understanding between the people working together is very must communication however refers to the exchange of ideas information use feeling etcetera between a group of people in order to create a common understanding formal and informal communication both are very important for a project succession because formal and informal communication both are very important for a project succession however informal communication can be much better if a manager wants to know the intention of its employees towards the success of the project as it  can help a manager to know the  opinions of subordinates towards a particular policy or decision and it  can even helpful to transfer the information more rapidly.

8. Performance Standards

These are the specific criteria towards which an organisation work and Performs , these are the benchmarks towards which an organisation strive to work these are very essential for the successful completion of the project because without then deviation in the project performance cannot be found out and corrective action can never be taken

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