Organizations, irrespective of their activities, require a group of skilled employees who make the organization successful in every aspect. These employees bear certain responsibilities depending on their skill and contact with the organization. There is another group of professionals or a department whose responsibility is to take care of the other employees and make them highly active to meet different organizational targets. These professionals are the part of human resource management or the department is called human resource department.

Primary functions of HRM

Following are the primary function of HRM:

  • Managerial Function
  • Advisory Function
  • Operative Function

Each of these primary functions is further segregated into several other functions:

Managerial Function

  • HR planning – In this function, the HR manager or the department look at the requirement of manpower in a certain project of the organization or requirement of employees in a certain department of the team. It is a vital job, on which the efficiency and output of a department or team depend a lot.
  • Organizing – Each employee of an organization has a certain activity which they need to perform diligently. The contribution of each employee is important for the organizational goal as a whole. In this role, an HR professional needs to prepare job description in each responsibility keeping in view its link with the other job responsibilities of other employees.
  • Directing – It is also necessary to keep the employees responsible for their own jobs and motivate them towards maximum output with limited resource.
  • Controlling –An HR professional or the HR department of an organization needs to take regular feedback on the performance of the employees and do the needful to rectify any deviation. This responsibility of the HR professional is called controlling.

Advisory function:

In this function, the HR professional or HR manager of an organization advises the top management regarding the HR policy that would be beneficial for the organization. They also advise the departmental heads regarding staffing and performance of the employees.

Operative function:

This is the core HR function. It has several components like the following ones:

  • Recruitment – The HR professional remains responsible for the selection of right candidates from the hundreds and thousands of applicants.
  • Training and Development – It is a recurring activity of an HR Employees require regular training and development.
  • Employee welfare – The HR department remains responsible for the employee welfare. An organization takes several steps in this matter, the HR department mobilizes those welfare steps on behalf of the top management.
  • Compensation management – It is an important part of HRM. The professional needs to manage the compensation of the employees as per the direction of the top management and as negotiated with the employees.

In simple terms, Human Resource Management is a specialized management function that is related to recruiting, motivating, and maintaining employees in an organization. HRM deals with issues that are directly related to the employees like hiring, training and development, compensation, communication, and supervision. HRM also confirms job satisfaction to the employees and utmost involvement of employees to their respective job roles in an organization.

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