Logistics Management Assignment sometimes troubles your mind. It takes you too much time in completing am I right? If you said yes BookMyEssay makes possible things for you and helps you in your management assignment help. Our experts will guide you in every step of your Logistics and Supply Chain Management. We offer the best assignment helpers in every topic.  The role of Supply chain management (SCM) is very important in facilitating a company’s production, it’s marketing, logistics, and procurement processes because it can focus on the efforts of the management on making or creating competition in a day-by-day changing era.  On the other hand case study is the method that will be selected to explore the contemporary problem and it causes of SCM in the manufacturing industry of pharmaceutical and activities of logistics.

It will also be attempted to recommend answers to mitigate those problems in order to increase the effective supply chains of pharmaceuticals. Unpredictable lead time, there are no proper guidelines or standards in Customs for Pharmaceutical Product Regulations, lack of temperature controls in warehouses at customs, and low utilization of human resource consumption. Here in this blog, we’ll share with you business logistics Management so let’s get started.

Overview of Unilever Business Case Analysis

The business Unilever is globally renowned it is a manufacturing industry that manufactures and sells consumer-related products such as personal care, beverage, and product related to cleaning. In 1929 Unilever company was originated as the result of a merger between a maker of soap and a manufacturer of margarine. This company is dual-listed on the stock exchange with Unilever plc in London and Unilever NV in Rotterdam (Unilever, 2015).  The main objective of Unilever is to build a common space for sustainable living, and thus create the characteristics that make up the product. This company has a competitive edge.  Its business makes huge investments that can only be offset over the long term it is the strategy of this company.  However, its strategy of Unilever has come with some relevant set of challenges despite its social and environmental commitments as well as meeting its financial requirements.

Here we’ll share with you Unilever Internal Analysis

 In the marketing analysis of Unilever company, we’ll see how this company gained huge popularity as just see the example of lifebuoy. USLP is one of the marketing strategies of this company.  Unilever’s Senior Vice President of Marketing launched a program called CB4L the main objective of launching this marketing strategy was to successfully link the brand of the company with the principles of USLP.

Risk management helps Unilever achieve its main motive. The human resource management of Unilever focuses on recruiting and managing the best thing available in the market.  Human resources management constantly focuses on improving the resources so that Unilever can deliver the best solution in terms of competition in the market.

Unilever’s Financial analysis shows that the performance of financial has shown a 2.9% sales growth in recent years. This sale is because of declining demand in emerging markets and the Unilever does not expect any important improvement in the condition of the market.