Database: It is an organized collection of various kind of data which can be retrieved and accessed electronically. It is designed and stored by the database designers for the future purpose. It is designed perfectly and easily accessible by the users to get the accurate numbers. Database management system is a computer software application that interacts with end users directly. It is mainly used to capture and analyse the data which is stored for the any purpose. The entire data or database can be stored in proper format so that end users can easily access the data whenever they need. In this database management assignment help, we are trying to write the complete information about the Database management system.

Users can be classified the database management system according to the database model that they are using for the data. Here we are writing the information about various database models. All the database models show the logical behind the design of the model. All the models define the complete logic to get the data from the database. The main fact is that rational model is mainly used by the users. The others models are

  • Hierarchical Model
  • Network Model
  • Entity- Relationship Model
  • Relational Model

Have a look on advantages of DBMS

The Database Management System has Promising Potential Advantages Like

  • Controlling Redundancy: In file system, every user has to save the confidential data on the data base. With the help of data base management system, we can store the data in single time. In this way we can save our space in the memory. It reduces the repetition of the data.
  • Integrity: All the models of the data base management system stores the data in the form of files. All the data is interconnected to each other. That means we can easily save the same type of data in a single file.
  • Easy way to share the data: All the data saved in the database has a unique name. In all files we can save the similar kind of data with the help of various models. With the help of different applications, we can share the data in the centralized Database Management system. Every authorised user easily accesses the data from the server.
  • Standard can be enforced: As we know that it is a central system that’s why we need to maintain a standard system on the basic of the requirements like Department Level, Company level, Management Level, International as well as national level.
  • Restricting unauthorised users: It is a software management system which delivers a safe and secure environment to the users. It cannot be accessible by the unauthorised users because it is completely secure.
  • Provide backup and Recovery: It is an advance software system which delivers the complete facilities to recover the data from the hardware or software at the time of failure. In this system we can easily get the backup of our data with the help of recovery subsystem of Data base Management System.

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