The supply chain is a huge business in the market and it is prevalent in almost every sector. This supply chain ensures that the material is reached on time at every junction i.e. production, manufacturing, sales and finally to the customers. When you are at your peak in studies and wish to make a career out of your studies, you should refer to the many available notes and references on online portals such as BookMyEssay. Such websites have all the information available on the subject and you can make use of it in case if you need a supply chain management assignment help.

The Pattern

There is a set pattern in everything you do. This goes with the business environment as well. When you look at big business houses, you see a cycle being followed so that all the information is passed from one hand to the other with ease and without missing out on anything. Walmart is a great example of the supply chain in a business environment. It has been a live example to many startups and people look forward to its functioning. It works on the principles of getting the work done on time and in a format where no department faces issues due to negligence.

The Leakages

There have been many leakages in the supply chain model across the industry. During such time, Walmart emerged as a world leader and the first-ever successful supply chain model which would ensure that the work is done in a timely manner. It changed the way people looked at distribution patterns, warehouse management, truck and logistics management, and forecasting of inventory which is the most important for any business. All these when not managed well turn into leakages of the system and start bleeding money. This financial loss is huge for any organization and Walmart analyzed it to repair the leakages. It not only became successful but is also the most efficient model in the supply chain industry.

Case Study

A case study on supply chain management can be found using BookMyEssay and various other websites of similar nature. You may get a project based on the supply chain model and internet can be the best place to find such information. When you speak about breakthrough technology, it means those huge savings for the company by implementing something very robust. This was done by Walmart with RFID technology in the year 2003. This technology helped the company to know the current stage in production, logistics, sales, and delivery. It was a great technological advancement for the company as finding the current stage of work was a task at hand and led to the loss of money due to lack of information.

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