Introduction: Operation management is based upon the work that shows ho organization produces the goods and services in the most efficient manner. It can be seen as one of the several functions like marketing, finance and personal development of the organization. The functions of operational management can de describe the department of the firm dedicated to the manufacturing as well as a distribution of all the goods. It covers the numerous dedicated areas like logistics, transportation and supply chain management. We have the number of experts those provide operations management assignment help to the students.

Basically, operation management is vast subject to learn. Some points that we will describe in the assignment of the dedicated course are:

  • Production Control
  • Material planning
  • System Analysis
  • Principles of general management
  • Manufacturing and production system
  • Factory and warehouse management
  • Productivity analysis and cost control
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Industrial labor relations

Major objectives of Operation Management:

Every organization work on its rules and parameters also work on some objectives and goals. The main objective of the Operations Management can be broadly classified into resource utilization and customer satisfaction.

  • Customer service: The main prime objective to provide the customer with a specific product that satisfies in the term of different cost. It applies to the organization that provides the customer the right thing at the right price at delivering the customer at right time. It involves the many functions like manufacturing, transportation, supply chain and other services.
  • Resource Utilization: To maintain and achieve the goal to satisfied the customer, organization always ready to use their resources efficiently.

These assignments are primarily focused to achieve the student satisfaction and the best resource utilization equally.  Both of the main objectives cannot be maximized at the same time so experts need to maintain the balance according to their work.

Principles of managing the Operation management:

  • Designate a process champion: The manager is the responsible person because he has the wide knowledge related to the process.
  • Know the process deeply: If you are maintaining the role of this post, you have to know all the positive and negative impacts related to the projects.
  • Work on the tradeoffs: It is the process that creates the cross functioning background that is very useful to discuss the different functions related to the project.

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