Planning a project is not a kid’s task. It involves various things which a project manager has to consider. The project manager should be a person with multitasking talent. He should be able to handle many tasks at the same time and that too with equal efficiency. His first priority should be to complete the project in time and that too with all the guidelines followed. There is not a smooth track all the time. Issues like shortage of funds, stricter deadlines, employee issues (the list is endless) often give them sleepless nights.

Project management is a growing industry as the importance of Project Management is being realized by the businesses. Several business houses have a permanent department of project management with huge opportunities along with huge responsibility too.

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What a Project Manager has to Keep in Mind While Planning a Project?

While planning a project several issues should be paid attention to. Both internal and external factors are responsible for the successful completion of a project. Setting guidelines is not enough. They should be followed with complete honesty and dedication. A project manager is a leader who has to lead his team in all weathers. He is solely responsible for the success or failure of the project. He has all the controls in his hand to run the project. There are seven fundamental things which should be kept in mind by the project manager while planning for a project.

  • Establishment of Goals: There should be a clear establishment of set goals like completion within time, prevention of over budgeting, providing quality to the project and so on.
  • Setting the Expectations: It is a method to set expectations for completion of project in the best possible way. The manager may include the views and ideas of his teammates.
  • Outlining Risks and Their Management: There is always a room for error. So the manager should be ready for it all the time. Here risk management helps to see the unforeseen.
  • Avoiding the Unnecessary Meetings: More time spent on unnecessary meetings gives you less time for actual project. More communication should be online and through software linked to project management.
  • Planning a Perfect First Planning Meet: Preparation of the first meeting with key persons with all agendas ready is a must. Make it an online meeting as it is less expensive.
  • Regular Reporting About the Project: Reports on the progress of the project help the manager to track the project and plan next set of action.
  • Organizing the Right Tools: Getting right project management tools according to your project is very important. This software makes organization and communication for the project better.

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