E-learning is the availability of educational contents for people anytime and anywhere by the use of modern technology. It takes into account the adult learning also. The eLearning developmental process keeps in mind the stakeholders which are involved directly in the development of online programs. Many online programs are designed for employees as training them together at one place will be costly and time-consuming for the company. Regular up gradation of their knowledge and skills is also important. Keeping all these things in mind, eLearning development processes are created.

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Key Stakeholders to be Kept in Mind While Developing Online Training Programs

Stakeholders are the people who are directly or indirectly involved in the eLearning development process. The process of development is a team effort which should go beyond the customer’s expectations. The development team should be well aware of the stakeholders and should consider them before developing the process. The nine main stakeholders are listed below:

The Investors: These are the people who provide you funds for your eLearning development project. If you consider them an important part of the project, they will most likely provide you the necessary investment.

The Higher Management: These can be your investors also. These play an important part in approving your project. These people have to be convinced about the importance of your project and how it will be beneficial for the company.

The eLearning Project Managers: These are the people who supervise the whole process from start up to the end. They delegate different duties to the developers and also maintain the budget and timely delivery of the project.

The Corporate Learners: These are the people who will test about the authenticity of your training program and also provide necessary changes to be implemented in case of any discrepancy in the program.

The Instructional Designers: These design your training program and work with L&D team and the project manager.

The Online Facilitators/Instructors: These might be needed to guide the trainees about the objectives of the program. They should be well-aware of the program.

The Tech Experts: These provide troubleshooting in case of any problems in the program.

The Administrators: They evaluate the effectiveness of the training program and the involved employees taking part in program.

The Support Staff: These have different duties ranging from troubleshooting IT problems to regularly upgrading the content of the training program.

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