What are Management skills?

Business Management is just not telling the employees what to do. It is much more than that when understood properly. A smart business manager should have a sound understanding of what his business organization is. All the aspects related to financing, marketing, and policies of the business concern should be managed by him efficiently. Management skills are required to handle all these activities. The work of business managers may not be the most important but it is very important in bringing the entire workforce together to have a productive outcome.

Sometimes the Management skills can be taken as leadership skills also. This is because both involve certain common activities like problem-solving, decision-making, planning, delegation, time management, and communication. But the two roles are different in various aspects. Both the managers and leaders have their own perspectives and methodologies. Management is all about the organization whereas Leadership is all about people. Management believes on how a work should be done whereas leadership thinks why this work has to be done. We can say that not all managers are leaders and not all leaders are managers as both have distinct skill sets.

What are the Management Skills Companies Look For?

Business Management is also concerned with looking for management skills in prospective employees. Every business organization may look for different management skills according to the needs of the company. After hiring managers, there is a need for both the current skill sets to be refined and new skills to be developed. Only then a manager excels in his work. There are five basic management assignment writing functions based on the management skills required for all business concerns. These five functions are:

  • Planning: It is the understanding of the objectives of the company and developing strategies to fulfill those objectives.
  • Organizing: It means to create structure and resources to accomplish the plan and strategy. It is also making leaders manage their subordinates.
  • Coordinating: It involves the problem-solving skills. A manager should always be there to understand the problem and find a possible and permanent solution for it.
  • Directing: It is also known as delegating. It requires telling your employees what to do and how to do.
  • Oversight: It is the skill of tracking the progress of the company. Also, if anything goes out of place, should be taken care of.

Management Skill List:

Accuracy, Achieving Goals, Adaptability, Administrative, Analytical Ability, Budget Management, Building Productive Relationships, Collaboration, Communication, Conflict Management, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Delegation, Delivering Presentations, Devising Plans for New Businesses, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Empowerment, Facilitating Group Discussions, Finance, Generating Financial Reports, Goal Setting, Hiring, Honesty, Interacting with Individuals from Diverse Backgrounds, Interpersonal, Leadership, Logical Thinking, Logistics, Negotiating, Organizing, Patience, Planning, Problem Solving, Product Management, Recommending Cost Cutting Measures, Recommending Process Improvements, Recruiting Talent, Screening Applicants for Jobs, Strategic Planning, Teaching, Team Building, Writing Reports on Business Activity, Uncertainty Removal, Understanding Financial Statements, Writing, Verbal Communication, Vision.

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