What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management means systematic management of knowledge assets within an organization with an objective of creating value as well as to meet strategic and tactical requirements; it comprises of initiatives, strategies, processes and the systems that sustain and improve the storage, sharing, assessment, creation of knowledge and refinement.

Therefore, the Knowledge management involves a strong tie to the goal of organization and strategy. It also involves the management of knowledge, which is useful for some goals to achieve and that creates organizational value.

About the Knowledge Management Course

The course in knowledge management is offered by different universities worldwide. This course prepares students to know the theories of present time, practices, techniques, and tools in knowledge management to work with the challenges that come across with the institute and management of knowledge. This course in Knowledge management addresses present time issues that come in the management of knowledge, intellectual capital as well as other related intangible assets. Industries like research and development, pharma companies, service and manufacturing companies and IT companies absorb the students of Knowledge Management.

Examination Pattern of This Course

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In the business communities present time, the Knowledge management is a hot topic. Albeit, the title knowledge management speaks a lot about it, but there is the number of opinions about it present that says what it is and what is the use of it.

Because of the increasing business development pace, the task of competitive and effective management of organizations becomes vital and KM is useful for that. If the subject is understood and implemented in a proper way, it helps business transformation

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