Statistics has been the most fun subject taught to students in their school life. We all have an outline of statistics that is basically used for data collection and drawing conclusions pertaining to it. The tally marks and mean median mode are all elements of statistics. A lot of students pursue it higher education and make career paths the same. For the ones who are still looking for a better and clearer path into statistics, you have stumbled upon the right article.

We will discuss the data collection, conclusions related to that as well as the techniques and what goes into statistics during surveys and all.

An insight

Statisticians play a very vital role in our daily lives without us even bothering them. They are supposed to collect the data by not just one but different approaches to making sure credibility. Tests and surveys are prime examples of it. Once the data collection is completed, a statistician may move further with conclusions from the research. They have to make sure that the conclusions formed are not biased to any section of society and maintain equilibrium at all costs.

Data organization is another act of a statistician that is very important as it involves collection, interpretation, selection and thus conclusion by evaluation. This is almost an extended version of mathematics.

Types of statistics

As mentioned earlier a statistician is supposed to collect data from not just one but different techniques. Out of them, the two we are discussing will be descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

The descriptive statistics method involves gathering data by sampling method as well as standard deviation. For example, data collection into health care sectors, and food industries are collected in a descriptive statistics method.

Inferential statistics is the counterpart of descriptive statistics. In this method, the data collection is done for a subclass of a specific region.

However, the two approaches are very different from each other but are both very important aspects of different types of data collection as both of them are well suited in their own manner.

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