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So if you’re struggling to find a best that suits your audience, here in this blog are 10 pet peeve speech ideas that will definitely grab the attention of your audience. Before that let’s check out the meaning of Pet Peeves.

Meaning of pet peeves

The pet peeves speech mostly follows the modern trends of fashion, and It will be delivered important points. Basically, a pet peeve is a type of speech in that people sometimes do things which is very bothering and annoying for a person. The speech of Pet peeves is written about the people who deliver peevish reactions among other persons who do things or act against other persons.

Speech of Pet peeves can also be about disturbing or unpleasant people who kept their domestic pets in the home or car. Those persons who followed old things of fashion and mothers and fathers who let their children shout and cause annoyance outside the home.

The speech of Pet peeves is short just only 2 minutes it covers the topic which is something that annoys or bothers the speaker or a group of persons. With the help of the pet peeves speech, the audience wanted to see the passion and exact cause of annoyance in the speech. It must fully analysis the reason of the speech and also causes to support the topic of your speech. The speaker of the speech has been quick about the speech topic along with short examples to ensure that the pet peeves speech will be very interesting and engaging within two minutes.

Structure of Pet Peeves Speech


First, you have to write an introduction in your pet peeves speech because the introduction is the backbone of your speech. It will inform your audience about the speech.

Overall Content

The overall content and body of your speech consist of the overall paragraph of your speech. In the body, you have to mention the relevant ideas and thoughts in the pet peeves speech.


At the end of the speech, you have to summarise your words and add important points in your speech writing.

Example of Pet Peeves Speech

  • Slow Car Driver
  • Your friend who is always late for any event
  • People who talk very loudly on their phone calls in a public places
  • Fast and Slow walkers
  • People who do tapping
  • Those people who don’t keep the door open for someone
  • Leave drawers and cabinets open
  • Those car Drivers who do not use signals
  • While driving People sending messages
  • Those People in line jump into queues
  • People who monopolize the conversation
  • A person who violates the boundaries of personal space
  • When the toilet paper is facing a certain direction
  • Those persons who lack specific awareness – that is, standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk to do something on their phone.

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