Case studies are important in all streams of management. Case studies can be written in different ways. Basically, four kinds of case studies are there- illustrative, exploratory, cumulative, and critical. After getting familiar with the varied kinds of styles and types of the writing instructions for the case studies there are some steps that can help you to write them smoothly. Following the steps shall ensure that a uniform case study shall be developed and then delivered. Management case study writing help of BookMyEssay is found to be immensely helpful for the students in different streams of management studies.

Guidelines for Preparing the Case Studies

The guidelines for the case study analysis includes investigating a management problem, examinating its the alternate solutions, and suggesting an effective solution by using the appropriate evidence.

Preparing the Case

Before you begin the writing the case study, follow the guidelines mentioned below that can help you to prepare it:

  1. Read the case and examine it thoroughly. Take notes, highlight the appropriate points, and then underline the major problems.
  2. Focus on the analysis
    • Identify the key problems
    • Why do the problems exist?
    • How does the problem impact an organization?
    • Who is responsible for the problems?
  3. Uncover the possible solutions. Review the discussions, the course readings, the research, and your experience.
  4. Select the best possible solution. Consider the strong supporting evidence along with the pros and cons.

A management Case Study shows the link between the theory and practice. The assessment shall include an examination of the practical facts of the management actions and decisions. The way through which the candidates have drawn the relevant theories for analyzing and addressing the issues are considered. The developing skills of the students should be able to demonstrate that why do the management strategies worked or not worked in the instance.

The Format of a Case Study

The format of the proposal is as follows:

  • Title of your Project. This should define the nature of the study.
  • the problem being addressed is described here. In case the problem is broad, define the scope of the problem addressed.
  • Methodology- Outline the actual action taken. This includes the approach, strategies and the methods used.

Writing the Case Study

Once the necessary information has been gathered, write the case study that includes the following parts:


  • Identifying the key issues and problems
  • Formulating a thesis and summarizing the outcome of the analysis.


  • Set the background information, the important issues, and the relevant facts.
  • Show that the problems have been researched.


  • Outline the possible alternatives
  • Reasons for rejection of the alternatives
  • Constraints
  • Why are alternatives not possible all the time?

Proposed Solution

  • Give one realistic and specific solution
  • Why was the solution not selected?
  • Support the solution with strong evidence
  • Concepts from the class
  • External research
  • Personal Experiences


  • Decide and discuss the specific solutions for reaching the solution
  • If they are applicable, recommend the further actions that can resolve the issues
  • What can be done and who should do them?

Finalizing the Case Study

After composing the initial draft, read through it to check for the inconsistencies and the gaps in content. After making the revisions, proofread, and then edit before submission of the final draft. In case, you find anything confusing you can contact the management assignment writing and case study writing of BookMyEssay for a professional help.