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Useful Management Styles to Get a Positive Result

  • Directive Management Style: This is the primary objective of immediate compliance from the company employee. This is basically including the top-down the decision-making process. In this style, decision is coming from the top level of management and completed by lower management and employees.
  • When it is used: It is used in crucial time or you can say that the company suddenly faced with a crisis. The correct way to use the directive style, you need to make a plan and discuss with all the employees. In this way, you can work together and fulfils the requirement.
  • Authoritative management Style: You can also define this style, as Visionary style of management. It is often used as the most effective out of all the six management styles. In this style management has a single goal. The management provides a long-term vision and direction to all the employees.
  • When it is used: When the company and their employees do not have the clear direction of their goals. Then they required the manager’s authoritative style. Manager delivers motivate the employees and describe the action plan to them. Now you can get the complete assistance on management case study with 100% accuracy.
  • Affiliate Management Style: In this style management wants the presence of the employee on their work station. The main aim is to create a harmonious relationship in the workplace between the employee and manager.
  • When it is used: When the employees of a team do not have the spirit of teamwork. They need the session that will help to work as a team not individually. They guide the employee and motivate them to work together.
  • Participative Management style: You can also define this style as a democratic style of management. In this style management person is inclined to have a willingness to listen to everyone and get the views and ideas of everyone.
  • When it is used: It is used to collect the ideas to improve the employee workstation according to the employee need.
  • Pacesetting Marketing Style: every organization has its goals and objectives. With this style, the manager aims to complete the tasks to a high standard of excellence.
  • When it is used: This style is mainly used when all the employees are experts and they can easily follow all the directions given by the management.
  • Coaching Management: It delivers the long term professional development of employees of the company.
  • When it is used: It is used when an employee needs training and assistance regarding the work. They provide the training programs to the employee.

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