Manager is a person who takes the responsibility to complete the task with perfection. A manager always try to control the team and get the perfect work from the team members. To get the complete result, they help the employees, motivate the employees as well as guide the employees. To complete the task, they need to face the various problems Here we are discussing about the various kinds of problems in the Management assignment writing help section so that students get the detailed idea about this topic.

  • Sustain the employee program: This is one of the most difficult tasks for the manager. He needs to check the employee’s performance continuously. He also manages to deliver the best facilities to the team so that they can easily complete their targets. The manager also works for the team so that the team can work together and get the best output. If employees get the problem to complete the task then the manager needs to find the solution. So that they can work properly.
  • Terminating an employee: This is the main problematic task for the manager. Sometimes, many employees don’t work properly. That’s why manager needs to give the warning letter to the employee. If the employee starts work properly than he works else manager needs to terminate the employee and select another employee.
  • Take the correct hiring decision: To get the best result, manager needs the best employee for the team. That’s why they select the employee. Main responsibility of the manager is to select the employee which is good for the organization. That’s why they need to take the best decision while selecting the employee.
  • Balance between the management as well as team: Manager is a person who works as a bridge between the management and employees. He delivers the detailed information given by the management to the employees. As well as he also delivers the daily progress report of the team to the manager.
  • Team Conflicts: This is also difficult for the manager to handle this situation. Because it is not necessary that every employee talk to another employee softly. Sometimes they cannot think about each other. They want to work as independently. In this situation, the manager needs to control them as well as find the solution of the problem.
  • Peer Conflicts: Sometimes, we divide the task to the employees. They need to complete the task as a team. Due to some misunderstanding, they never work together. At that point, manager get the worst result, to find the solution at that point is very difficult for him.
  • Losing a hardworking employee: In this situation, manager get stresses because he needs the backup for the particular task. This situation creates a big problem for him. With this problem, he never completes his target as well. To get the best employee is one of the difficult tasks for the manager.

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