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Various Factors that are to be Followed for Management

  • Planning – Predetermined goals, objectives and aims are laid down while going for management. This is considered as the first and foremost step for management.
  • Organizing– To meet pre-determined targets, an organization of tasks is important.
  • Directing– This factor channelizes all the efforts taken in business departments to meet distinct business aims.
  • Coordinating– For the best management system, Co-ordinating is most essential for the different departments of the organization.
  • Controlling: This factor makes sure that all the business activities are not deviating from its path and follows the right one.

Some Idea over Management Functionality.

The Requirement of Planning: The first step of management requires continuity, Implementation, Transparency and Sustainability.

Continuity: Planning is crucial for any business. Hence it is required to focus on continuous planning instead of wasting valuable time. Continuity ensures that your work is not hampered and continuous in nature.

Implementation: This is a very delicate type of activity but it’s mandatory for any business. An Organization or company cannot be successful if it hasn’t implemented its plans efficiently. For a realistic and rational approach & to maximise benefits, it’s required.

Transparency: Every business should work on transparency, so that all employees, stakeholders, managers should be aware of the distinct plans of the business or corporation.

Sustainability: This basically consists of long-term and short-term plans. Hence if you don’t want to rise any additional hurdles, just focus on completion of goals and nothing else.

Organizing your business: Organizing your activities is not easy when you have to take care of many actions. It includes various principles such as determination of objective, coordination, balance, uniformity and efficiency.

Objective Determination: For a goal achievement, determine your objective so that you focus on its main objectives rather than searching for other points.

Coordination: Coordination is necessary whether it’s within the department or in a different department. Only efficient coordination leads to the path of the original goal.

Balance in Departments: It becomes quite important to create balance within a department. Managers make sure that either your employee is over-worked or under-worked, a healthy atmosphere is maintained.

Uniformity: To lead your business to another level, maintenance of uniformity is essential. The organization should be delirious enough to work upon both the factors, i.e, uniformity and efficiency. This will provides its employed job satisfaction and it will increase their contribution to jobs.

Directing and Coordinating works on the various principle that are most effective in business. Direction technique, leadership qualities, direct contact etc make management easier. Last but not least, Controlling plays a major role in the management process. It includes major principles such as flexible controls, exceptions and actions.

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