While studying English literature at graduation and post graduation level, students have to review books, movies, poems in an deep manner to get through the course with flying colours. It is the demand of their curriculum. One such movie in demand to be reviewed often is “The Accused”, by Jonathan Kaplan, released in 1988 in the United States by Paramount picture in limited theaters and was highly controversial at the time of release, reason being the representation of gang rape scene in the movie. It is a crime based movie. It throws light on the sick mentality of people, a glitch in the world of humans. To get notes, reports, reviews in Criminal Law assignment help, call directly to BookMyEssay and get the academic assignment help online. The Accused premiered at the 39th Berlin International Film Festival.

About the Movie

The movie – The Accused, released in 1988, is a story of a young waitress who was gang raped by three men at a local bar. The young waitress here is Sarah Tobias, she and district attorney Kathryn Murphy, work together to prosecute the rapists and the men who encouraged the henious crime.

The movie is set in Washington state, and is loosely based on 1983 gang rape in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This movie portrayed the ideas of misogyny, post traumatic stress disorder, victim blaming and women’s empowerment.

The movie has been highly controversial since it’s release due to the portrayal of gang rape scene. Thus film is critically and commercially acclaimed. It was chosen as the Top 10 films of the year by National Board of Review. This is basically a crime thriller potraying glitch in our society.

The film was praised for it authentic potrayal of the subject and being the first film to deal with horrors of rape, glitch in the society and effect on the victim’s life.

What the Movie Plot Says!

Sarah Tobias, a waitress at a bar, is brutally gang raped by three men and encouraged by onlookers. Due to lack of strong, Sarah’s own checkered past, Deputy District Attorney Kathryn Murphy, offers three men a plea bargain. Thus, they would be paroled sooner. This enrages Sarah and she feels betrayed. On the other hand, the onlookers were prosecuted by District Attorney, as they encouraged the henious crime. For writing services, on crime based books, movies etc, you can contact for reviews to BookMyEssay.

Finally, Sarah gets a chance to speak up her story during the trail. The onlookers are also convicted after much hassel. Now, the onlookers punished, the original attackers were not paroled.

What the Movie Potrays!

This film shows how society dealt with rape, and societies glitch in the attitude towards an incidence of rape. This film reveals gender inequality and prejudice in the justice system. It shows the class prejudice which does not protect women who does not meet the set moral standards.

The biggest problem shown in the movie is – plea bargain. The main reason for plea bargain is to avoid trail and to get a lesser punishment. Here, there was no valid use of plea bargaining. Sarah was publically humiliated both physically, emotionally and mentally. Her attackers both physical and onlookers walked out freely.

Many states have banned plea bargain because of its abuse.


The Accused, is a coming of age film that describes the attitude of society towards the victim and glitch in the way it handles such incidences. It tells about the inadequacy of the criminal justice system to bring justice to the victim due to loopholes, prejudices and plea bargain.

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