Project Management Methodology

In this blog, we will try to find the best project management methodology that suits your needs. There are around 8000+ project methodologies to choose from. Let us watch out the guide below to find the best approach for your project. While pursuing degree in management, students should learn most about project management. They can seek project management assignment help from professional academic writers, BookMyEssay.

Choosing the right project management methodology is critical to your team’s ability to successfully deliver projects on time and under budget. There are a wide range of PM methods like Waterfall, Agile, Kanban to choose from. Criteria for choosing PM methods is the need of your project, benefits it will give in the future. These criteria are included as a topic for assignment for degree students. Aim of such assignments is to help students learn. Still due to lack of knowledge students can take assignment writing help from BookMyEssay.

Selecting The Right Project Management Method

The basic factor that governs the selection of the right of PM method depends upon the type of project you handle. Narrowing down the approach on the basis of the criteria is critical. These factors include:

  1. Project focus
  2. Customer and stakeholder’s involvement
  3. Industry
  4. Flexibility of time
  5. Allotted budget
  6. Number and type of teams working together
  7. Resistance to change
  8. Rigidity of structure
  9. Specialization of roles
  10. Set start and end dates
  11. Complexity of projects
  12. Resources needed versus resources available
  13. Scalability of project

Once you take into consideration these project management components, now comes the turn of selecting the best project management method for your project that gives success to your project.

  1. Find out the variables that drive the project and assess all those which are against the overall goals of the project
  2. Determine the ways in which methodology will impact
  3. PM method depends on the budget of the project. The method should keep the project under predetermined limits of the cost
  4. The next factor is team size. The number of members directly involved and the number of stakeholders of the project also affect the PM method. You need to consider whether the members are self-organizing or sprawling.
  5. The size of the project and its impact are the things to be considered next. Care to look whether your project is big with huge impact which delivers serious results. Or is this a small time project which has room for some playing around.
  6. The method to be adopted also depends on the flexibility of the project. Can the course project be changed during the process?
  7. Determine the time that will be taken by the project to complete. Can the project take a quick turnaround or is it important to have a beautifully finished product, no matter how much time it takes?
  8. Finally, the involvement of client and stakeholders in the project also matters a lot while deciding the PM methodologies.

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Project Management Methodology list

  1. Waterfall methodology
  2. Agile methodology
  3. Scrum methodology
  4. Extreme programming (XP) methodology
  5. Adaptive project framework methodology

Final Words

There are many PM methods in the management world. Focus of choosing the method should be based on the success of the project in terms of time taken and budget if the project. Students who will be future managers must make meaningful assignments on Project Management. Fir their help stands BookMyEssay, which provides well curated assistance on reports, assignments. The experts at BookMyEssay can contacted online or through call as their help desk is open 24 by 7.