What is Human Resources Department?

HR or Human Resource department is an essential part of any business. It looks after the recruitment and training of the employees. HR manager is the key connection between the top management and the employees. He coordinates between the two. The decisions of the top management are conveyed to the employees through HR department. The training of the new employees and upgrading the existing employees are the key roles of the HR department.

What Is Recession?

Recession is a period during which the economy of a country goes down. There is fall in GDP and the trading and business activities are greatly reduced. This period must be at least six months or two quarters. There are five main indicators, the fall in which means recession. These five indicators are income, real GDP, retail sales, manufacturing and employment. In HR assignments the most common topic is the role of HR during the time of recession and for this HR management assignment writing help can assist you.

What Is The Role Of HR Department During The Time Of Recession?

As we know that the key component of any company are its employees. Without them no company can run or survive. During recession period the companies which are committed to survive should have an obligation to their employees. At this time the role of HR department become crucial. It plays an important role in retaining faith in the employees about the support from the companies. It assures them about matters like job security, company’s decisions about the cutting of costs and earnings of the company.

Often the employees leave the company due to lack of trust in the company’s leadership. They cannot retain their faith and loyalty in the company due to the fact that the company failed to build that trust during the recession time. It cuts down workforce to meet its sustenance during recession due to reducing revenues.

Sometimes, a company which supplies essential goods and services and do not have any major impact of recession has to prove to its employees that the company is getting ahead despite economic sufferings. This is the faith which a company builds in its employees. This keeps the employees on the company’s side during any type of recession period. HR has a major role to play in convincing the employees that their company can still fight in the recession period about its existence in the fierce struggle for survival.

During a recession, instead of hiring new employees, a company offers overtime to their existing employees. It is due to the fact that hiring new employees cost a lot more than giving overtime to the current employees. It is an indication to the employees that even during recession their jobs are safe. If in case some cut-offs are there, the company should notify the procedure about it to the employees. The transparency between the management and the employees is maintained by the HR department.

How to Get HR Assignment Help from Professionals?

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