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What to Know While Writing in Chicago Referencing Style?

To use the Chicago referencing style while writing academic students must know:

  • What are the grammar rules?
  • How to use make-in text and reference citations?
  • How to format the research paper?

Let’s read about them in detail.

Chicago referencing style

  • Know how to use the serial comma: When writing different items add the comma before “and” as written in this example; I like milk, cheese, and curd.
  • Go with the ‘em dash’: using ‘em dash’ in the sentence symbolize the change of thought or additional information. While writing an assignment in the Chicago style, make sure to not leave any space before or after the ‘em dash’.
  • Spell out the names of the countries: You need to spell out the country’s name until or unless you are using an adjective like U.S policies.
  • Spell numbers that are less than 100: Similar to the country’s name, you should also remember to spell out numbers that are less than 100.

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Make-in Text Citations in Chicago Style

When you utilize the information from authentic resources you need to inform the reader where you found that information. To do this in an appropriate way, you can use an in-text citation in the middle of your paper and referencing list at the end of the paper.

Insert an in-text citation: to add an in-text citation in the Chicago assignment paper. Click at the end of the sentence you are citing and put a bar there then, go to references and hit on the footnote. This will create the superscript number that will correspond to the number you will mention at the end of the paper.

Implementing this will also re-number the footnote as you begin to add new notes to the paper.

Mention the author’s name and title of the book as the very information in the footnote: In the Chicago referencing style you need to mention the author’s first and last name in the footnote closely followed by the comma and title of the book in italics.

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