The hotel management industry has long utilized conventional management accounting systems; their application of modern strategic management accounting (SMA) methods has not been as extensive. The researchers have found these studies intrigued. This is because the studies conducted outside the hotel industry had discovered that the connection between firm performance and firm strategy has got enhanced significantly with the application of Strategic Management Accounting techniques. The students can ask for strategic management accounting assignment help from the experts of BookMyEssay to know more about this.

In this blog, we are going to discuss which kind of hotel strategy works as the fundamental herald of hotel property Strategic Management Accounting use and whether the application of SMA had a definite influence on the performance of the hotel property.

So, What are the Major Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) Methods?

Talking about the hotel property level, it comprises the accumulation of long-term, forward-looking, and externally-focused information for the determination of:

  • Customer Profitability Analysis: This includes accounting profit obtained from a particular consumer or consumer section. The profit estimation is based on expenses and trades that can be tracked to a particular consumer or to a particular consumer division.
  • Benchmarking: The comparison of business performance to an excellent standard.
  • Competitor Cost Evaluation: The procurement of consistently scheduled and updated estimations of competitor’s unit values.
  • Strategic Pricing: the interpretation of strategic determinants in the pricing decisiveness process. These determinants may incorporate competitor price stability, flexibility, market extension, the economics of scale, and knowledge.
  • Value Chain Analysis: This includes inspecting the business as a link in the connection of all value-creating actions. Get the best assignment help from the experts to know more about any topic related to this.
  • Integrated Performance Measurement: A measurement method that concentrates typically on procuring performance knowledge based on the requirements of the customer and may comprise non-financial standards. This standard requires authorities to control those determinants which are important to ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Competitor Performance Assessment: The statistical interpretation of published competitors’ statements as a part of an evaluation of a key source of the competitor to gain the competitive advantage.
  • Attribute Costing: This the cost of particular product attributes that interests the customers. The cost of these attributes incorporates: administering performance variables, and after-sales service.

What Precisely Is A Market Orientation Business Approach?

A hotel that adopts this kind of business approach will tend to work in an extremely competitive market and consequently puts its consumers at the center of their decisive and operational study. To execute this strategy, the hotel will require collecting market knowledge associated with the requirements of the target customers.

It also includes determining the capabilities of the competitors, to deliver excellent consumer value. Understanding this will allow the property supervisor to interrupt product contributions that do not add value, and to incorporate just value-added services. Understanding that in a competing background, the capabilities of the competitors and the requirements of the customers are essential.

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