Financial managers are available in almost every private and government organization to direct the investment activities, launch cash-management schemes, and many more tasks.

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Job Responsibilities of a Financial Manager

There are so many duties of a financial manager as they are responsible for managing the financial aspect of an organization. They usually do the following work:

  • Prepare financial statement and forecast
  • Guide professionals working on financial reporting and budgeting
  • Helps in taking financial decisions
  • Manage the financial details
  • Analyze the latest market trends

Some Basic Types of Financial Manager

Financial managers do tasks according to their job profile and work specific to their company or an organization. They must possess the accurate and updated knowledge of the laws, rules & regulations that affect the firm, special taxes, analytical skills, organizational skills, mathematical, and detail-oriented skills. The position of financial managers can be classified as:

  • Financial controller
  • Treasure
  • Managing directors
  • Branch manager
  • Credit manager
  • Cash manager
  • Insurance manager
  • Risk manager
  • International finance manager

Experienced and knowledgeable financial managers have a chance to become CFO (chief financial officer) responsible for the accuracy of financial reporting of a company.

Career-Related to the Profession of a Financial Manager

The financial management graduates have many career options related to their studies. They hold about lakhs of job every year in government and private sectors. They can seek a job in the following disciplines.

  • Accountant & auditor
  • Insurance sales agent
  • Budget analysts
  • Personal financial advisor
  • Cash manager
  • Insurance underwriters

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