The advancement in technology proved beneficial in building an E-commerce market.  it increases the speed cycle of the delivery with a varied price, quality, speed, and safety of the product is an essential part of it. It also builds the relationship between the customer and the provider.

Companies are entering international business which plays an essential part in supply chain strategies in a global market. To establish its position one needs to concern about the customers’ requirements and efficacy of the product to take a firm stand in the business environment.

The Supply chain inception is an operational activity mainly focuses on the different ideas which interconnect the market with other operations to provide service according to the customers’ expectations. Its focus on speed, time, quality and flexibility in the market and provide the good –quality product vale at the lowest price.

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Useful Supply Chain Strategies

Supply chain strategies considered the demand requested by customers, the life cycle of the product, variety of it, the making charges and the relation between delivery and service time. There are two types of product are considered while manufacturing the product:

  • Functional products–In this context one needs to consider the basic need of the consumer long served without any change. It determines the stability and reliability of the product but generates competition and less beneficial.
  • Innovative products– The innovation and technology contribute to its role here for making the product easily accessible to the consumers. And helps to make a product popular. But there is uncertainty about the product.

How Does It Work?

  • Business to Business (B2B):In this context, the organization can transfer money by adapting the electronic method. It is a practice considered by both retailers and the suppliers and known as EDI- electronic data interchange.
  • Customer to Business (C2B): in this process, the customer relates to business. the organization considers supplying the demand made by customers. it involves airline tickets and reservation sites
  • Business to Customer (B2C):: In this method, an internet portal is made to sell the product. it builds the transparency between consumer and provider and makes its product available at a low price in the market.
  • Customer to Customer (C2C):: It involves the exchange portals in the electronic market. Such as e-bay where internet users can sell their products.

Methods for Developing E-commerce

For developing the e-commerce strategies the product should be concerned with firm representation to run the entire operational work. Specific groups of products created and sub-divided to deliver many services at the same time.

  • Supervision– A manager is required to communicate and remove the barrier between consumer and provider and provide a functional and make a team to build a large supply chain market.
  • Training– to operate the supply chain management training should be provided to employees to ensure the result effectively and efficiently.
  • Review– A market research is necessary to adopt a new method and implement the new technologies to increase workflow and standardizing the product.
  • Decision Making– A few points should be considered while stepping ahead. It requires the skill- set of the employees, technology, inner and outer cooperation comprise to build an effective market and good relation between supplier and consumer.
  • Commitment– To minimize the risk and for good productivity for the organization. A contract must be signed between retailers and suppliers to attain shared goals.
  • Catalog– It comprises the brief details of the total cost. which can help produce the demand according to budget-friendly.

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