What is Technology?

It is the practical application of scientific knowledge for purposes like business, education, and trade. Scientific knowledge of science, engineering, math, etc is applied in human activities. It is used to reduce human efforts in our daily lives. Technological applications have given us various types of tools, equipment, and machines which have made human life easy. Technology solves scientific problems also. Today, technology has helped us immensely in preserving knowledge by saving data in computers for future use. Technology, when used in the right way, can benefit humans in a tremendous way but when used in wrong way can bring destruction and harm.

How Can We Balance our Education and Life Using Technology?

Life is becoming more complex day by day. Making it better seems to be a very hard and competitive task. The only way to get our lives better is through higher education. Those who are thinking of pursuing higher education have to look at the competition also. The only solution to balance your education and life is to use technology in the right manner.

  • Try eLearning: In today’s time, eLearning provides you the flexibility of learning from your tight schedule. Some students are engaged in various activities other than academics. These may not provide them a fixed time for attending classes. eLearning is a platform provided to these students that whenever they have time, they can log in to their education site and study.
  • Getting organized: This refers to making a timetable or schedules your learning, assignments, and projects in an organized manner. Try to access calendar app on your mobile or any portable device. Store all your appointments, project schedules, study timings etc in that online app. For example, Google Calendar App can schedule your time and activities very well.
  • Stick to a schedule: Prioritizing your education goals should be serious for you. Try avoiding time consuming and useless tasks. You can digitize your academic priorities by choosing apps like ‘Wunderlist’. It helps you to schedule tasks with email reminders and notifications for something to be done. Seeing a reminder you can avoid less important task over it.
  • Make your communication better: During this age of technology, nobody can be seen without a smartphone. These mini computers have all sorts of distracting stuff like social media apps, notifications from different sites and what not. Turn off these notification reminders and try to schedule time for looking at the emails and other updates.
  • Use most appropriate tools: Try to use tools which make you organized, stay communicated, stay scheduled and all for balancing your education and life.

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