Essay writing has been the most layman’s term to communicate over the years. People have been writing essays for expressing their, agreement or disagreement with an opinion, providing information about something, and a lot more. Since the developing times, essay writing techniques have also evolved. It becomes not just important but mandatory for a person to be aware of these techniques and thus be able to write essays flawlessly.

What are essays?

‘Essays’ are basically a soft word for writing asserts or disserts about an author’s point of view. Now there are a lot of approaches to do it and this is what makes it extremely diverse in nature. It is upon the person to choose from a wide range of choices. However, it is very important for essays to be written in a formal structure so that it becomes easy to read and understand. BookMyEssay helps students to avail features like ‘do my essay for me where our professionals assist you with your essays.

There are different types of essays and different types of structures to it respectively. These essays can be:

  • Argumentative essay
  • Admission essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Compare and contrast essay
  • Personal essay
  • Expository essay

One should be clear about how the audience receives your content and deliver it accordingly. Basically one must know his/her audience for better production of content and in the right direction. What it means by this is that one should be aware of the tones used by him/her for the essay i.e. it can be informal and formal depending upon the person you are writing to.

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Although all essays have different structuring all of them have the same foundation which is the framework. The expert professionals of BookMyEssay have laid down the framework into five (5) different points, as follows:-

  1. Brainstorming: before directly beginning with the content it is a must to accumulate information and collect your thoughts toward one direction of awareness about what to write and what not to.
  2. Preparing: after you are done brainstorming it is time to outline your essay by pointing out the ideas that are important for your thesis and will help to generate the maximum output. You can also track down citations for better clarity in your head. This also provides credibility to the reader and assures his/her beliefs of the writer.
  • Drafting: here comes the major part where you actually write down content for the essay by drafting the content in your head onto the paper. Make sure to not try very hard to pen down every idea just the ones that are impactful and needed for the thesis.
  1. Revising: after you are done drafting the major, keep up with the other drafts and make sure you are using the active voice everywhere as it is much more effective as well as formal as compared to a passive voice.
  2. Proofreading: once you have revised the content you are aware of the mistakes that may have happened within the essay, here you can edit all these mistakes and finish on a high for your essay. Never skip this step as it can improve the quality by a huge margin.

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