What is Art?

Art is nothing but applying knowledge and expertise to produce the desired outcome. An art may be referred to as customized application of common theoretical principles to accomplish top results.

Characteristics of Arts Applicable in Management

The contrast of management and art is a common part of Management Assignment Help that helps in understanding the subject better. Here are some notable characteristics of arts that commonly drive a number of decisions and aspects of management, also a part of Management assignment and homework writing help:

  • Hands-on knowledge: Merely learning theory does not suffice as every art requires hands-on knowledge. With it comes to art, knowing the practical implementation of theoretical principles is extremely crucial. For instance, becoming a good painter requires not only to know diversified colors and brushes but also to be aware of different dimensions, designs, and situations. Likewise, it is hard for a manager to be successful if the professional does not know regarding the methods to apply several principles in real scenarios. Just having diploma or degree in management without practical knowledge cannot take the manager far.
  • Creativity: Artists possess elements of creativity. Therefore, they strive to produce something unique and innovative that requires a mix of imagination and intelligence. Just like art, management is also creative. The area integrates non-human and human resources in an efficient manner to accomplish desired results. It is nothing less than producing a pleasing harmony by linking chords efficiently.
  • Objective oriented: Every art form is goal oriented as it focuses on accomplishing concrete results. Similarly, management also involves achievement of pre-decided goals. Managers make use of several resources, such as money, men, machinery, material, and methodologies to facilitate growth and development of an organization or a business.
  • Personal expertise: Although every artist may have the same theoretical base; however, all artists have their own approach and style toward their jobs. This is the reason why the level of quality and success of the performance is different for everyone. For example, out of many acclaimed painters, one artist who stands out and is renowned for his style all over the world is M.F. Hussain. In the same manner, management in terms of art is personalized. All managers have their own way of managing things on the basis of their experience, knowledge, and personality. That is why a few managers are termed as good managers, while a few others are not.
  • Perfection: There is a famous adage that suggests that practice can make a man perfect. This certainly holds true when it comes to different forms of art. Every artist gets more and more proficient by means of consistent practice. In the same way, managers grow and learn by means of an art of trial and mistakes in the beginning. However, the implementation of management principles over the time makes their managerial skills almost perfect.

In a nutshell, it is feasible to say that management does not differ from art. The field of management requires an application of specific principles. And that makes management an art of greatest order as it involves molding the behavior and attitude of people at work on the road to the desired outcome.

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