Every company is introducing new technology to improve the efficiency of their business operations. With the changing time and technology, the role of management accounting is increasingly evolving. Business analytics is an inevitable part of management accounting. It refers to the study of collected data through the statistical and operational analysis to evaluate business performance. It focuses on creating new insights and gives clear vision about the business position. The business analytics is used for numerous purposes which involve, working with big data, monitoring the functions of business models and most importantly for the decision-making process. In this blog, we would discuss how the management accountants use business analytics?

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Management Accounting is Divided into Three Broad Categories

  • The Cost Accounting
  • Performance measurement
  • Planning and Decision Making

Business analytics is a methodology or a tool that is applied for all these above-mentioned categories of management accounting:

  • The primary feature of business analytics is to make sound and effective decisions for the development and growth of the company. It helps in improving the efficiency of business activities to increase the profit ratio of the company.
  • The use of business analytics also evaluates the performance and operational efficiency of the various departments of the company. You can easily monitor and control the activities with data driven by business analytics.
  • The data extracted by using business analytics is valuable information that you can use for comparing your performance with past and future performances.
  • It provides a competitive advantage to the company. You can keep an eye on the latest trends in the industry. It becomes easier to handle the competition when you have accurate information related to your business industry.

Essential Elements of Business Analytics

  • Descriptive Analysis: The descriptive analysis often gives a description of everything. By conducting the descriptive analysis you can find the main problem that is affecting the smooth functioning of business activities. It provides you the solution to the problem in a pre-determined manner.
  • Diagnostics Analysis:  It includes evaluating the reason for that particular problem. It utilizes data and root cause analysis for testing the hypothesis.
  • Predictive Analysis: This analysis is used for making the predictions and helps in developing the most effective strategies to handle the difficult situation. This is called the art of forecasting. It allows you to predict future occurrences.
  • Perspective analysis: It is important to have recommendation and suggestions to deal with a particular situation. This involves analyzing different perspective to find the most suitable solution to deal with the specific problem.

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