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Sharing below a framework enlisting 6 broad strategies for managing change effectively in an organisation. These are very important ingredient to ensure a successful creation, implementation and closure of a change management plan in an organisation. Project manager has to be very well aware of the industry norms, best practices, culture of the organization, population diversity and composition to draft the plan.

  1. Unity of Vision: It is imperative for all organizations undergoing change to have a common shared vision which is communicated to all the organisational members right from CEO, Board of directors, managers, front line employees etc. Unless we have same goal in mind we won’t be able to achieve the intended outcome. Any disruption or non-agreement or lack of clarity can cause damage to the results expected and tarnish the organisation image.
  2. Plan of Action: Needless to say, planning is one of the key steps or strategy that the project team working towards the change goal should formulate. \the plan should define the areas to be covered, changes to happen clearly, new procedures that come into place, training needs, performance guidelines, timelines and finally how will this be controlled and corrected for seeding years.
  3. Focused Effort: Since we ensure all the workforce is aware of what needs to happen, at the same time we also need to make sure the workforce is focused and is putting required efforts to meet the change which is intended to happen. Trainings, quality reviews, role plays, one to one meetings etc all should be utilized as needed to bring the teams to consensus and establish clear parameters on the what is needed and how will it be measured.
  4. Training and Resource Assignment : Since the change wont be easy at first, it will be messy in the middle due to all the new procedures or culture or technology coming into place hence it is of utmost importance that we define the training plan, methodology and the resources who will be staffed to head these plans. This should talk about frequency of training, reporting and correction through feedback mechanism.
  5. Define Standards of evaluation: The change management team or the project planners who are in charge of this should define the metrics or the yardsticks against which the process/function/people will be reviewed and evaluated. Any sort of confusion or miss here will be a big hiccup in managing the change successfully in an organization. Hence it is important to not only define the same clearly but also communicate.
  6. Risk Management: Even though we would have ensured everything has been taken into consideration however the risk factor cannot be neglected as future is uncertain and changes or unpredictable situations can arise anytime in business hence we need to add risks and their mitigation plans as an important part of overall change management strategy.

These were key things to be kept in mind for a successful change management however there can be other minor things within these broad guidelines that a project manager will need to deeply assess depending on the change and type of business and impact of the change.

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