Microsoft has launched Visual basic .NET language in 2002. VBA stands for visual basic for applications. Nowadays, this language is highly demanded developing software applications in IT industry. This updated language is the successor of earlier original visual basic programming language. Programmers basically use OOPs concept while writing the programs as they believe this programming manner makes their code more consistent and secure. Students can go for Visual basic assignment help online at reasonable rates.

Origin of Visual Basic.Net

Visual basic.Net was introduced in the year 2002. The important part regarding this programming language is that programmers use GUI platform which means graphical user interface. This helps the programmers to choose, select or modify the coding sections which are written in a basic programming language. Visual basic.Net uses the IDE technology.

What Does IDE stand for?

IDE is basically known as integrated design environment which is used for debugging the written code. Computer programmers can develop software with the help of integrated development environment. Other languages use the command line interface, but in visual basic language, GUI plays the important role which helps the programmers in readability and consistency of code.

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