The definition of Management differs from one person to another. To a layman, the management means a manipulative person sitting in an air-conditioned room. To succeed in the market a business requires a strong management and an experienced individual is known as a manager to handle it. Due to the necessity of the management, the demand of manager has been increased. Each year thousands of students around the world take admission in the management program. Despite the level of management program students require Management Assignment Help to complete and submit their assignment and homework before the given deadline.

Let’s move further to know more about management.For some people, manager means a commanding officer while for others management is a clerical work and signing here and there. But in reality, management is all about planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling the business and people who are working under the same name. The process can also be described as a process of decision-making, leadership and coordinating.

The True Meaning of Management

There is no particular definition of management which further complex it. If defined in simple terms definition is the art of getting things done by others. This definition brings the two major part of management together which is objective and direction. The only problem here is management is not just a mere art but much more than that. The management is both art and science. Hire Management Assignment Help to further read about this concept.

The Division of Management

The management can be divided into basic functions known as:

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Directing
  • Controlling


Planning is deciding in advance what to do and how to do it. In other words, it is the determination of objectives and formulation of strategies, plans, policies, and procedures needed to achieve the desired goals. To turn plans into the action there must be some sort of organisation structure.

Organising: Organising is about developing a structure among the business group, people and function to execute the plans to achieve objectives. It is known as the second function of the management as it can be carried forward after the planning.

Directing: The directing is the management function that involves building an effective team and business environment to motivate, supervise, schedule and discipline. The management is said to be the heart of the management as a business need to keep directing its employees to achieve a particular, predefined set of goals.

Controlling: It is the last and final function of management. The controlling is the process of verifying whether the plans have been rightly implemented or not. Controlling make sure the proper utilisation of the business resources to achieve the planned goals. As mentioned in the first line controlling is the end function that could be changed according to the needs of the organisation.

The Nature of Management

The management is both art and science. It is art because it reflects the practical knowledge and experiments. It is science due it is the body of knowledge in a systematised form based on the accurate measure and careful observation. To know further about it then visit BookMyEssay and hire Management Assignment Help price. They have a team of qualified subject writers who can deliver reliable writing help at an affordable price.