What is Management?

Management is a subject applicable in any field of life and not only in business. We need management right in our daily life to start with. Managing our routine is also management. Business management needs special skills and in-depth knowledge of activities in a business. Business managers not only have to manage business activities but also have to involve in growth and development of the business. Any business can flourish when its functional areas are active and equally strong. When all branches or areas work together without any constraint, any business can grow to its full potential.

Management assignments writing deal with the functional areas of management. Students of management are exposed to all the functional areas of management in their assignments. This helps the students to feel the actual environment of business management and how to cope with the problems and issues arising during the business functions.

The Five Most Important Functional Areas of Management:

There are several functional areas of management which are to be looked after during any business operation. Five among these are the most important. These are briefly discussed as under:

  • Production Management: It deals with planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling the function of production. This helps in managing cost, time and quantity of the goods and services which a business wants to achieve.
  • Human Resource Management: It mostly deals with the workforce hence is also called manpower management. It aims at obtaining the desired level of performance from the employees. It involves recruiting, placing, training, promoting, motivating, managing welfare etc. of the employees.
  • Office Management: It is restricted to the office premise but is one of the most important functional areas of management. It makes sure the best output from the office staff using the available resources at the office. It deals with layout, environment, accommodation, effective communication, correspondence and mailing, record maintenance, filing, handling stationary and equipment etc.
  • Marketing Management: Marketing management deals with the identification of needs and wants of customers for the concerned product and then applying effective techniques to create demand and supply of that product.
  • Financial Management: It deals with the creation and distribution of funds. It involves the cost of capital, capital budgeting, short and long-term sources of finance, dividend policy etc. Securing of funds in investments giving profits is the main aim of this management.

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